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If you are looking for one of the best lump sump project contracting services, qualified manpower supply, equipment & material supply for your business in Saudi Arabia, we are here to offer. We are a team of qualified experts with tremendous experience in Project Management, human resource management and trading who’ll walk with you all through and guarantee your satisfaction.

Services We Offer

Projects & Maintenance

Akfa Arabian General Contracting executes Short-term & Long-term Turnkey projects in the Contruction & Petro-Chemical Industries. Due dates and work tailored to repay best for our concerned Client is on of our Top priorities.

  1. Piping Erection & Tie-ins
  2. HVAC & Plumbing Installation
  3. Pump/Compressor Installation
  4. Elevator Installation
  5. GRP/FRP/HDPE Pipe line Installation
  6. Static Equipment Installation
  7. Scaffolding Works
  8. Dismantling/Demolishing Structures

  1. Switch  Gear Installation
  2. Lighting
  3. Metering Units Installation
  4. Electrical Works for Residential & non-residential buildings
  5. Street Light Installation

  1. Flowmeter Installation
  2. Flow Transducer/Density Meter/ Pressure Transducer/Temperature Transmitters and other Field Instruments
  3. Fibre Optic Panel Installation

Manpower Supply

Our motto remains very straight-forward to put the right person to the right job. Our Akfa Arabian team is always keen and makes sure to solve the Clients’ work requirement by providing trained and suitable manpower at competitive prices.

  1. NEBOSH/OSHA Certified 
  2. SABIC Approved
  3. ARAMCO Approved
  1. General Permit Receivers
  2. SABIC Permit Receivers with valid Permit Receiver’s Card in any one of the SABIC affiliates
  3. ARAMCO approved Permit Receivers
  4. Marafiq approved Permit Receiver
  1. Mechanical Technicians
  2. Electrical Technicians
  3. Instrument Technicians
  4. Mill Writes
  5. Surveyors
  1. General Scaffolders
  2. Scaffolding Supervisors
  3. Scaffolding Foreman
  4. Scaffolding Inspectors

All above listed candidates with valid TUV Certificates

  1. Planners & Schedulers
  2. Risk Analysts
  3. Cost Analysts
  1. Project Engineers
  2. Site Engineers
  3. Mechaical Engineers
  4. Electrical Engineers
  5. Civil Engineers
  6. Intrumentation Engineers
  1. Quantity Surveyors
  2. QC Engineers (CSWIP & API Certification)

Material & Equipment Supply

Our incorporated policy of no-compromise with quality, on-time delivery & Warranty until Customers’ satisfaction makes Akfa Arabian a must choice for its Clients. We always aim to build long-term relations with our Trading partners.

  1. MS/SS/ Pipes
  2. PPR/PVC/uPVC/HDPE Pipes
  3. Gate/Globe/NR/Butterfly/Ball Valves of varying types
  4. Welding Machines
  5. Welding Consumables of all Types
  6. Flanges, Blinds and other Piping accessories

  1. RMC/FMC Conduits
  2. Cable Trays 
  3. Cables (As per Requirement)
  4. Unistrut Channels
  5. Beam Clamps & Other Accessories
  6. Street Lights

  1. PPEs
  2. Respiratory Masks
  3. Ear Muffs
  4. Barricades
  5. Traffic Cones
  6. Road Stud
  7. Convex Mirrors

And much more!

  1. Forklifts
  2. Boom Trucks
  3. Cranes (As per required capacity)
  4. Diesel Generators
  5. Portable Tower Lights
  6. Diesel Pumps/Fire Pumps/Electrical Pumps

Available on Rentals with Certified Operators

  1. Coaster
  2. Dyna

Available on Rentals with or without drivers

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Akfa Arabian as GRP FRP Pipe Installation Contractors in Saudi Arabia

Akfa Arabian as HVAC Ducting Installation Contractors in Saudi Arabia

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