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We Akfa Arabian are a team of experts with years of experience in project execution and human resource support to help businesses grow smoothly.

If you are looking for one of the best lump sump project contracting services, qualified manpower supply, equipment & materials supply for your business in Saudi Arabia, we are here to offer. We are a team of qualified experts with tremendous experience in project management, human resource management, and trading who’ll walk with you all through and guarantee your satisfaction.

Our Core Values

Our Team

Keen to keep up to the Company's vision & mission Mr. Ibrahim has lead Akfa Arabian from the front while highly respecting the Kingdom's Vision 2030 Goals. It was under his leadership that Akfa Arabian touched and reached the multi-national platforms and become one of the Global service providers in Middle East & Asia
Ibrahim Shareef
Sales Consultation 50%
Engineering Support 25%
Project Management 40%
Public Relations 95%
Legal Affairs 75%
Mr. Turki made Akfa Arabian reach new heights in the Western region of Saudi Arabia with him prime focus on serving customers in the industrial cities like Yanbu and Jubail. Being out of schedule has never been his thing.
Turki Rashed
General Manager
Sales Consultation 90%
Engineering Support 60%
Project Management 70%
Public Relations 40%
Legal Affairs 100%
Mr. Mustafa has played a prime role in the recent years in managing and planning projects & services primarily in Saudi Arabia. His expertise in the mechanical and electro-mechanical fields combined with his practical on-site executive experience served as the node for success in achieving reputed customer satisfaction.
Gulame Mustafa
Chief Business Officer
Sales Consultation 85%
Engineering Support 100%
Project Management 80%
Public Relations 40%
Legal Affairs 30%
Mr. Rajesh with his state of the art Human Resource Management skills along with his Years of experience in Petrochemical field always made work feel a systematic venture and immortal school for trainees.
Rajesh Salunke
Project Manager
Sales Consultation 70%
Engineering Support 80%
Project Management 70%
Public Relations 55%
Legal Affairs 30%

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